Hi, I’m Amy!

I’ll be your guide on this wellness journey, because let’s be honest, we could all use a little support when we embark on a lifestyle change.

I spent 15 years climbing the ladder in corporate jobs that I didn’t really love, often feeling sick, stressed out and lacking purpose in my life until my husband and I decided to sell our home, move to Montana and start over five years ago. I had no idea that it would be the beginning of a true adventure to find balance, wellness and happiness in our lives and now I’m sharing what I’ve learned to help others on the same path. I hope you’ll join me!

I truly believe that the link between our mind, body and spirit is incredibly powerful and I have learned how to integrate them in a holistic way to find wellness and alignment in my everyday life. One of the major ways I do that is through the use of essential oils, non-toxic cleaning and beauty products and whole food supplements.

What is an essential oil anyway? 

Essential oils are aromatic, concentrated plant extracts harvested from farm-grown and wildcrafted plants, flowers, herbs, and trees. They’re obtained through steam distillation, cold pressing and resin tapping. Oils are more potent than dried herbs and way more powerful than the plant from which they’re distilled. Did you know it requires over 22 pounds of rose petals to make ONE 5ml bottle of Rose essential oil? It takes a lot of plant material to make one little bottle of oil.

Okay, so what’s all the hype? Aren’t oils just the latest fad?

Oils aren’t a new health trend – they’ve been used all over the world for thousands of years for their emotionally uplifting properties, to aid overall wellness, promote relaxation and support the skin. Oils have been well-documented through history for their uses and benefits by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Europeans, and Chinese.

But do they really work? 

They sure do! Essential oils help us live healthier lives, cut out harmful chemicals, and enjoy better emotional health. These days, we’re bombarded with quick-fix, synthetic solutions that often contain dangerous ingredients to mimic the properties that nature built into botanicals. Oils are useful, powerful allies in our quest for wellness.

I’m afraid I’ll get the oils and not know how to use them!

No worries, that’s what I’m here for! It’s my job to ensure that you have all of the knowledge and educations necessary to use your oils – in fact, you’ll be hearing more from me through our education groups on Facebook and tons of resources in print and online. Your oils will not end up in a drawer somewhere, never to be used. I use my oils several times a day for literally everything and I’ll teach you how you can do the same. Whether you plan to use your oils for aromatherapy, personal care, or household solutions, every aspect of your daily life can benefit from these little bottles of plant magic.

Is there a reason to choose Young Living over all the other brands?

YES! Young Living has been around for nearly 25 years and is the only brand of oils I trust for myself and my family. Before the seed is planted in the soil, throughout the harvest and distillation processes, through unparalleled testing of the oils for impurities, until the bottle is sealed and shipped, Young Living has 100% control over the process. This ensures you receive only the highest-quality products. It’s their Seed to Seal promise.

Aside from essential oils, what else does Young Living make?

While the company is known first as an essential oil company, they also make hundreds of other incredible products containing the purest plant-based ingredients. Their product catalog covers all of your household needs: home cleaning, bath and shower, supplements, babies and kids, oral care, skin care, and even makeup. It’s a one-stop shop for all of your natural product needs!

Ready to get started? 

Young Living offers a variety of amazing starter kits that are an incredible value to give you the perfect start on your wellness journey. It’s quick and easy to signup. Let’s do it.