Nourishing our spirit is critical for a healthy and happy life. We are each an inseparable part of an infinite field of intelligence, and with every breath we take, each and every day, we are exchanging millions of atoms with the universe. It really is quite magical!

When we’re in touch with this invisible part of ourselves, it allows the universal intelligence to flow into our being and helps us to create new things, express our love and appreciate the inherent beauty all around us.

Here are a few ways to connect with the spirit within:

  1. Release unwanted emotional patterns. Negative emotions show us where we may have a longstanding emotional pattern that’s unhealthy or causing us pain. You can work with essential oils to help identify and release those patterns. I wrote more about that here.
  2. Create a social support network. We all need loving, encouraging people in our lives. Friends and/or family members who give good advice and keep us from feeling lonely and isolated. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them when you need some emotional support.
  3. Find something to laugh about. Do this at least once a day. My favorite thing to do on days this feels challenging is to go on YouTube and search “Cat on Roomba“. There’s no way you won’t be laughing within minutes and laughter is always good for the soul.
  4. Do something you love. Engage in a hobby you enjoy, or try something new! I find that when I get incredibly absorbed in an activity, my brain shuts off and I completely focus on the task at hand, which, if it’s something I enjoy really, also renews my spirit.