If you find that you're at the mercy of your emotions or that it's challenging to shift yourself out of a negative emotional state or are easily pulled into the emotions of those around you, oils can help shift those patterns. Click the post to learn more about why oils work to shift emotions, how to identify the patterns that need healing, and how to specifically work with essential oils to clear those patterns. 
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If you’re new to the world of essential oils, this idea may seem strange. How can distilled plant material shift our emotions and why does it even work? Honestly, I had the same questions when I first started working with them. But truly pure, therapeutic essential oils are exactly that. Therapeutic. And if you’re curious, I’ve got the details for you here.

But first, let’s get one thing out of the way. Where your oils come from totally matters. Especially if you want to work with them for your emotions. If you’re going to spend your hard earned cash on oils, you want to know they’re going to work. And sadly, there are no labeling requirements for essential oils in the United States. That means many of the brands you’ll find online or at the natural foods store have been heavily diluted (to make the plant material go further to have more to sell) or worse, had something else added to them altogether.

This is why I work with Young Living oils. They are the only company in the world that controls and oversees every single step of the process from testing the soil and water on the farms, to exactly what seed is planted, how it is grown and harvested, through distillation and bottling. It’s called their Seed to Seal process and you can learn more about it here.

So let’s start with why you might want to release emotions in the first place. If you find that you’re at the mercy of your emotions or that it’s challenging to shift yourself out of a negative emotional state or are easily pulled into the emotions of those around you, oils can help shift those patterns.

Why do they work?

Because our emotions are stored within the cells of our bodies. For instance, anger is stored in the liver. Smelling a certain scent accesses the limbic system of our brains, which is the seat of our emotions. In fact, studies at New York University proved that the amygdala gland (the gland in the limbic system of the brain that stores and releases trauma in the body) does not respond to sound or sight or touch, but ONLY releases emotional trauma through the sense of smell. Amazing, right?!

Sesquiterpenes, which are found in high levels of essential oils like Frankincense and Sandalwood help to increase the oxygen in the limbic system of the brain, which then “unlocks” the DNA and allows our emotional baggage to be released from our cellular memory. In fact, emotions have been found to be encoded within the DNA of our cells and passed on through generations. Emotional behavior patterns have even been found to be “locked” within families.

So, it’s okay, you totally can blame your parents (and their parents, and probably theirs too) for many of your emotions. While that may sound like fun, it’s not especially healthy and certainly doesn’t help to free ourselves from these patterns. It’s better to work on releasing them rather than passing them along to another generation, not to mention living with them for the rest of your life.

By the way, much of this technical information can be found in the amazing “blue book”, Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils if you really want to dive in deep on this subject.
How do you identify emotional patterns that need healing?

That’s the easy part – by paying attention to your feelings. When a trauma, whether real or perceived presents itself, it will trigger an emotional pattern you’re likely already familiar with. When that happens, you have the opportunity to begin to heal it. When you ignore these patterns, they tend to be magnified as time goes by. You may have already noticed that in your own life. I know when I’m ignoring something that needs healing, it finds all kinds of sneaky ways to creep into my life and surprise me.

What are the steps to clearing emotional patterns?

Two things need to happen to truly clear an unwanted pattern from our lives. The first part is really in our mind – we have to identify and understand the pattern that is connected to emotions we’re feeling. You may need to spend some time getting to the bottom of this. Journaling, talking with a friend or therapist (depending on the severity of the emotions) and really learning the lesson being presented.

Are you responding out of fear? Pain? What things trigger those responses and can you see them coming and start heading them off at the pass? By the way…that doesn’t mean seeing them and then hiding under your covers and pretending it’s not happening. You have to get to a place where you can say “Aha! I see it there. Every time someone treats me or talks to me in this particular way, it makes me feel like I did when I was a child and had no power to get myself out of a traumatic situation”. Often times I find that I’m reacting to some kind of perceived danger that doesn’t actually exist anymore.

The second part is actually clearing and reprogramming your cells and releasing the pattern from the memory in the limbic system of your brain. With essential oils. The awesome thing about working with oils is that the shifts are typically very gentle. In fact, I was worried when I first started using them that there was going to be some kind of giant emotional upheaval in my life. But there wasn’t. The oils help gently bring emotions to the surface that can then be released.

By the way – while these steps are to help you fully release an ongoing emotional pattern in your life, you can always use oils to help shift your emotions day to day in a matter of minutes. So don’t be afraid to use them when you’re in the moment and need an attitude adjustment!

So, how do you actually “use” the oils?

There are many ways to actually work with oils. The easiest is to put a drop or two in the palm of one hand, then gently rub your hands together, cup your hands over your mouth and nose and inhale deeply a few times. You’ll likely feel the oil go to work on you right away. Putting oils in your diffuser is also a perfect way to get the benefits of the oils over an extended period of time (like while you’re working at your desk all day or sleeping at night).

Another option is to work with the Vitaflex points on your feet. This is a method of applying oils to specific locations on the feet that allow them to be carried along the neuro-electrical paths in our bodies. Outside of inhaling oils as described above or by diffusing, which is the quickest way for our bodies to absorb the properties of essential oils, the large pores on our feet allow essential oils to travel through our bodies at a very quick rate. Apply the oils on your feet according to the chart below for where you want the oil to have the most effect. When in doubt, I just go for the bottom of my big toes, since that corresponds directly to my pituitary gland, which controls so many vital processes in the body.

Another piece to releasing emotions is knowing whether or not your emotions are yours to begin with. Have you ever had an interaction with someone and then realized your emotions shifted as a result? You arrived to work in a perfectly good mood, only to spend five minutes in the break room with someone having a horrible day and then realized you were grumpy too? Or on the other hand, the person checking out your groceries is so full of joy that you’re suddenly laughing and smiling too? We easily pickup the emotions of those around us and need to practice releasing them on a daily basis (or sometimes even more often!). Here are my favorite oils for our day to day emotions:

  • Release Essential Oil – This is one of my favorites for general energy release. I put a drop on my hands, rub them together, then shake my hands out, imagining any energy that I no longer need being flung off (just be sure to intend that that energy goes somewhere where it can be cleansed by source, God, whatever your beliefs are so it’s not just hanging around).
  • White Angelica Essential Oil – This is THE protection and cleansing oil. You can inhale this one or put a drop in your hands to wave around your body before you know you’ll be around negative energy or even just before going somewhere where there will be large crowds of people.
  • Peace & Calming Essential Oil – If you’re upset or agitated, this will be your new BFF. Apply it to your wrists or shoulders or just inhale it to help calm your emotions. This is also a go-to for crying babies or children.

If you really want to explore working with essential oils to shift emotions, I highly recommend The Feelings Kit. Six essential oils that you apply to specific points on your body twice a day for 30 days. It takes only a few minutes each day, but if you take time before you start the month-long protocol to set a few intentions for the process, you’ll begin to see real miracles happening in your life. Relationships will begin to heal, blocks begin to disappear and all sorts of magic can start happening. I’ve done it twice in the past year and it’s incredibly powerful.

If you’d like to get started with The Feelings Kit, or essential oils in general, I’m here to help. Send me a note and let me know if you have any questions, or find step by step instructions for getting a Premium Starter Kit here.