Our finances influence our wellness more than we might think! Money is such a huge part of our day to day lives that if we're struggling to pay the bills every month, it's going to add a significant amount of stress in our lives and stress is a major factor in knocking down our immune systems, making us much more susceptible to illness. If you're looking to bring in a little extra money every month, click the post to learn about some of my favorite side hustles to help you do it.
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What do finances have to do with wellness? Quite a bit, in fact! Money is such a huge part of our day to day lives that if we’re struggling to pay the bills every month, it’s going to add a significant amount of stress in our lives and stress is a major factor in knocking down our immune systems, making us much more susceptible to illness. So yeah, getting a grip on our finances is a huge part of being happy and healthy. And if you’re looking to bring in a little extra money every month, I’m going to share some of my favorite side hustles to help you do it.

I’ve got to be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of the term “side hustle” or “hustle” in general. I’m all about seeking balance and believe we’re healthier when we’re not burning the candle at both ends. So, consider the amount of time you have to devote to working on another stream of income and pick the things that work best for your lifestyle. I’ve attempted to rank them from lowest commitment to highest, although since they are side hustles, they’re meant to be possible in small bursts of time but some could be grown into a real full time income if you’d like!

Quick disclaimer: I have personal experience with many of these “hustles” and some of the links are affiliate links, which means I get a few dollars if you use my link. It is much appreciated and is another example of a side hustle you can do if you’ve got a blog, or even if you want to share your links on social media!

Dosh Cash Back App – This one is so easy, it barely qualifies as a hustle. Download the app, securely link your debit or credit card and it will find cash back offers, rebates or coupons available at the places you shop and dine out and automatically deposit the savings into your account. Move the money to your bank account, PayPal or choose to donate it to charity. You also get paid for referring your friends so this could easily bring in $100+ every month for very little effort.

Share Young Living with your friends and family, or on social media or your blog. I’m putting this on the “easy” end of the spectrum because at its simplest, it’s a great referral program. For every person who uses your link to sign up, you get paid $50. Every time they order additional products, you’ll get 8% commission. And that’s way more lucrative than any other affiliate program I’ve been a part of! All you need to get started is your Premium Starter Kit, which is basically paid for once you share your link with three other people who sign up. Easy peasy. Send me a note if you have more questions that I can answer about this one!

Sell your stuff you’re no longer using. Take a Saturday when you have nothing else to do and commit to going through your closet, your garage, your storage unit, anywhere you’ve got stuff you no longer need. I love Facebook Marketplace for selling most items quickly. Larger items I tend to also list on Craigslist (be sure to say Local Pickup only so you don’t get a million junk messages from scammers). Poshmark is a good option if you have current, trendier clothes and accessories. I find that when I move out the energy of old stuff I’m not using, it always makes space for more abundance to flow in. YEAH! You could even offer your services to other people in your neighborhood or town to take photos, write listings and get their stuff listed for sale!

Offer your services on Fiverr – Are you wanting to dip your toe into freelancing work as a writer, designer, developer, videographer or over 100 other creative fields? Join Fiverr, offer your services, set the price of your work starting at $5 and keep 80% of each job.

Become a Search Engine Evaluator – Believe it or not, search engines (like Google) have real people who evaluate websites that return in search results to help determine how relevant and useful they are for a particular query. I have a friend who’s been hired by one of these companies and spends 30-60 minutes a day completing projects via her phone. She had to go through a few rounds of online tests before getting approved to ensure she had a good grasp of the English language and to see how she would rate the information provided, but says that she now gets paid monthly for doing easy and somewhat entertaining work. If this is something you’re interested in, check out this post for a whole lot more information and links to the specific companies that are hiring.

Become a Virtual Assistant or Freelance Writer – If you’ve got writing or office skills, this could be an easy way to consistently bring in some extra money every month. I did this when I still had a full-time office job and had two clients that each only needed about 3-5 hours a week of help with managing their email, their calendars and their social media. I was able to squeeze that in on weekends and evenings without too much effort and made about $300 – $600 a month. Check out Gina’s classes at Horkey Handbook (I took her VA class a couple years ago). She also has courses on freelance writing, project management and email management.

Speaking of specialty VA skills, did you know that you can be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant? Lots of bloggers and businesses want to grow their reach on Pinterest but don’t have the time or skills to do it. Learn more about this side hustle from Kristin over at Believe in a Budget.

Drive for Uber or Lyft – Yep, a totally flexible way to make some extra cash on your schedule. Obviously, the more available you can make yourself during peak times, the more you can make, but if you’ve got some time while the kids are in school or on your days off, this may be a good option. You just need to be over the age of 21, have a valid license and insurance in the state you live in and have a four-door vehicle that’s no more than 10 years old.

Become an Airbnb Host – Have a guest room in your house that doesn’t get much use? Or mother-in-law’s quarters? Or even a converted garage space or RV? All of these options can be rented by the night on Airbnb. To really make top dollar, you’ll want to study up on what makes rentals successful and how to become a Superhost.

Got social media skills? You can offer your services to run Facebook ads for local businesses to make some serious side money or begin to build a Facebook ad agency. If you want to dive deep into this work, I seriously recommend the Facebook Side Hustle course. The guys that teach it are the real deal and will show you not only how to create lucrative ads for your clients (or yourself), but are also committed to helping their students find clients and be successful. Their Facebook group and weekly trainings are worth far more than they’re charging for all of the support they offer. Be prepared to invest more time on this hustle, but it could be worth it if you’re looking to replace your current job.

And now that you’re making all this extra cash, be sure to make a plan on how you’re going to spend or save it. I love You Need a Budget. Not so much a restrictive budgeting program as it is a way to give every one of your dollars a job to do. It’s the other half of attracting money into your life – consciously deciding where you want to send it back out into the world (or deciding what specifically you’re saving it for), so that even more can come back to you. And who doesn’t want that?!

Got a side hustle that you love that I didn’t mention here? Let me know about it in the comments. Thanks!